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Dunfermline Abbey - Non-invasive GPR survey within the graveyard300038623

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Non-invasive GPR survey within the graveyard

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Related Designations

  1. Dunfermline AbbeySM90116

    Designation Type
    Scheduled Monument


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About Section 42 Consent

Information in this record is about an application for Section 42 Consent.

Written consent from us is required for the use of any equipment capable of detecting metal on scheduled monuments. This includes metal detectors, magnetometry/gradiometer surveys and ground-penetrating radar. Contact Us for application forms and further information.

Applications for Section 42 Applications and the decisions taken on those applications are published on our online Portal. You can also view this information at our principal offices. Contact Us about this.

There is no right of appeal on our decision on applications for such consent.

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